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Shaman Kitty with Emerald Eyes and a Huge Heart!

Nemay was the most amazing, loving, wild, savviest, loyal, genuine, present, giving, tenacious, connected, true, big hearted spirit. Her mommy misses her, her mommy loved her and told her so almost everyday except when she was ripping up the couch. Nemay was a deep girl who knew about a lot of things, she knew the sound of her mom's car and always came up running to see her when she got home. Nemay helped her mom, Camille, when she was sick, she was a great cuddler and smoocher, she loved to run up trees like a raccoon and then tear them up, in fact sometimes she looked like a raccoon. Nemay lived in the desert for most of her life, so even though she was an excellent hunter, she preferred grasshoppers, lizards and scorpions to beautiful birds. I miss her so much that I don't know if I'll ever stop, I hope I don't, she is absolutely worth remembering! Mommy loves you Nemay!